SiriusCreations' trip to USA 2010: 01 September 2010.

Washington, DC

Today we went to the National Air & Space Museum. We took the metro and walked a little bit. The temperature outside is hot so a good day to spend it inside where it is airconditioned.

This is the front of the Nation Archives

A view to the Capitol building on Capitol Hill

The Monument

This part of the museum was about The Wright Brothers

Apollo missions

A fullsized model of the Hubble Telescope. We also watched the Imax movie Hubble 3D here. That was very nice.

Touching the moon...

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Name Message

02 September 2010 06:48
wow, your own sirius-plane is there too!
and all the way in washington....
finaly you've got some pictures from you in america.
I like it to see you're doing well.


03 September 2010 01:29
I know Dutch wanted to just move in and live there with all that awesome history. It is really a neat place.


04 September 2010 07:17
This is the museum that everything comes to live at night, right?:D

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