SiriusCreations' trip to USA 2010: 30 August 2010.

Los Angeles, CA - Washington, DC

Another day of flying.

This morning at 5 am local time Dutchbat and I went to our airport. He flew from Bob Hope Airport in Burbank and I from Los Angeles International Airport. So Dutchbat took a taxi and I went with my rental to LAX.

I will meet Dutchbat again tomorrow in Washington, DC

My flight departed from the gate on time, but half way taxiing the aircraft stopped. It seems hours before we heard what the problem was (actually it was about 5 minutes). The captain said that while taxiing an alert message popped up about some kind of trusters problem. They had contacted the tower and the maintenance said it would be solved within 30 minutes, So we taxied bag to the repair gate where according to the aptain the maintenance giuy will help to turn off the message (I do not know what he meant by that, maybe just turn off the message and not repair anything...)

Well about 30 minutes later we taxied again to the runway. All and all we were an hour late in Dulles International Airport.

When I got at the bagage claim it looked like my suitcase was not coming. But it seemed it was already loaded off the caroussel and was standing on the other side.

I collected my rental and drove to Downtown Washington D.C.

Sorry no pictures of today

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31 August 2010 08:58
Hi Sirius! It's always a pleasure to travel along with you. ;)
And although you must have thought: "No pictures! What do I show to my public?!", this is even better. A good story. It's about nothing, but still entertaining. Good job. :)

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