SiriusCreations' trip to USA 2010: 29 August 2010.

Los Angeles, CA

Today we went to Santa Monica and Venice Beach

Here Dutchbat with his coffee.

The rest an impression of the beach

Tonight we will go to the Brazilian Restaurant In Burbank

Only Socr8s, Xantippe, Dutchbat and I were at the restaurant

Me waiting for the others,,,

The Food

The Desert

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30 August 2010 05:21
Whoa!!! Dutch looked pretty good considering all his time travel and late nights!
The beach! Wow, either it was too cold for the average Calf. beach type, or you men were out too early!
Great shots.


30 August 2010 06:39
I like this picture with the pidgin in the middle of the beach the most.
nice trees too.


30 August 2010 09:23
mmm, good looking desserts!!!


31 August 2010 05:15
If pictures came in 4D I'd take another passionfruitmousse right now

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