SiriusCreations' trip to USA 2010: 27 August 2010.

Los Angeles, CA

Today I will meet Nessy, mariel and her two daugthers and we will spend the day with a Warner Brothers Studio Tour and visit the Griffith Observatory.

In the evening I will pick up Dutchbat from the airport.

This morning I went to the rehearsal of John Williams. That was nice to see and without any reservations you can walk in and take a seat whereever you like

In the afternoon I met Nessy, mariel and her husband (Le_Curé) and two daugthers at the Warner Brothers Studio for the VIP tour.

In the evening we went to Griffith Observatory

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29 August 2010 21:49
nice pictures.
I like the buildings on the park and the cars.
what a large observatory!
do astronomers still work on there or is it just for showing like a museum?


30 August 2010 09:25
I like the pics. Looks like great trip right from the start! Say hi to Dutchbat for me, Sirius.

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